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The Return of Good Music

June 23, 2010

The music industry has been on a definite downswing in the past couple of years, evidenced by consumers not buying CDs (but buying mp3s) to the general lack of quality full length albums by todays hottest artists.

Well, I’m proud to say that right now, the middle of 2010, there is good music out there for ALL of us to enjoy.

Sho Baraka and Trip Lee have put out gospel hip hop’s most nicest albums, Lions and Liars, and Between 2 Worlds, respectively. Those two albums have crazy production and great delivery and topics for any hip hop fan.
Bishop Darrell Hines’ LIVE is good music as well, featuring outstanding live singing and personal testimony from one of the industry’s underrated songwriters.

And finally, even in the secular world, are the latest releases from iconic names in rap, emeniem and the Roots. The Roots will have that traditional hip hop sound and vibe, and Em’s will have his trademark punchlines and flow over progressive beats.

I KNOW that’s not all the “good” music out there, so hit me with your suggestsions. Its always a good feeling knowing you’re getting quality music for your $.

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