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If you don’t wanna see the Lakers win the NBA title, then…

June 19, 2010


Yeah, I know, not ground-breaking stuff. And yeah, seems simple enough.

The Lakers won back-back titles Thursday night, outlasting a great and valiant Boston Celtic team in Game 7. Even if you are a Bean hater, you have to give credit to him and his teammates for outlasting the Celts, and playing great D down the stretch. And Staples, believe it or not, was LOUD!

Which gets me to my (well, duh) point. The Lake Show is 31-5 at home in the playoffs since acquiring Gasol. That is incredible! And even if their road record is not as good, they have closed out lesser teams on the road.

Mentally, however, they are a entirely different team on the road. They don’t play D, don’t give effort, get taken out of the game more easily, and generally don’t rise to Bean’s level of play. Most teams struggle on the road, but the Lakers weaknesses are magnified on the road.

OK Craig, we know that already, tell me something new?

Sorry, none of this is new. My bigger point is to remind the Western Conference of how imperative it is to beat them in the regular season, and increase the chances you will get to see a soft Gasol, a disinterested Odom, a whacko Artest, and a milk carton bench and defense. And contrary to belief, these weaknesses on the road will get worse, not better, because I truly believe that in the NBA, you can’t change your stripes. You can hide them, put fade cream on them, or pretend they don’t exist, but they’ll always be there. Gasol and Odom are finesse players. Period. They are what they are. The more times you put them in these situations, the more they are coming up small.

I hope this doesn’t come off as a bitter Lakers hater salty because they won another title because its not. Its a clear understanding of the Lakers greatness in this league recently, and an honest look at what it would take to dethrone them. Beating them TWICE at Staples is a very tall task for ANY team, so if you could do it once and win your home games, you have a very good chance to beat them.

So the question is what team can duplicate the 2008 Celtics?

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