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All Aboard!

June 18, 2010

Procrastination sucks!

Yes, it does.  One of my many faults I’m overcoming with faith.  So I gotta make a step towards that, so here I am updating my stale, ain’t-updated-for-3-months-or-more blog, The Humble Tarrant.  Still humble, and still using this made up word for the foundation of my company (don’t ask me why), I am excited to launch my music production company, Tarrant Soul Productions, in the next couple of weeks, fulfilling my college dreams.

I also, with the help of my wife, made the decision to go back to school and begin to tackle another one of my high school dreams, becoming an architect.  Two seemingly different paths, music and art, will keep my creative plate full to the brim!

My ticket is punched, destination:  Destiny. So thankful, humble, and eager to hop on aboard and let Him lead me.  *insert train whistle*

P.S.  I will try to keep this thing updated as often as possible. I really will.

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