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Ya’ll got worked up over that?

February 8, 2010

I mean, really.  All of the controversy over Tim, pro-life and pro-choice, his mom, why it shouldn’t air during the Super Bowl was much ado about nothing.  I blogged about it last week.  You can see the ad here:

It actually was one of the better commercials.  The ‘tackling your mom’ (or other random woman) has been used so many times, but in this ad it was effective.  It was over so fast, I thought that it had to be more.  Nope.

Man, I get so tired of the media and special interest groups “hyping” things to levels unseen to make us “feel” a certain way on an issue.  In this case, you probably couldn’t even tell it was an issue until you saw Tebow, who appeared in the last 5 seconds.  No preaching, no telling you “Jesus Saves”, no “You’re going to hell if you’re pro-choice”, no cries of “murderer”, or anything like that.  Simple, clean ad with a little bit of special effects, and done – just like that.

The pro-choice crowd should be ashamed.

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