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Book Review: The Ultimate Super Bowl Book

February 7, 2010

Super Sunday is here!

In honor of one of America’s biggest un-official holidays, I’m back with a great book for all football fans and historians alike (like myself) called The Ultimate Super Bowl Book, by Bob McGinn.

This book took me about a month to read, but it’s so packed with info, stats, references, and football strategy, it’s unbelievable.  It truly is.  Bob takes you behind the game, literally behind it, and he has quotes and interviews with all the key players that played in it (and even those who didnt).  Bob also details each Super Bowl’s game changing plays, with a good pace that makes you feel you are in the huddle.

For example, he truly details a day Packer fans want to forget – the Super Bowl they lost to the Broncos.   In probably the longest chapter of the book (since he writes for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), Bob goes into excruciating detail on why Favre did this, Elway did that, and why the coaches messed up.   And if your favorite team happened to win one of the Super Bowl, he really explains the winning strategy as well.  You will literally BE smarter and understand more about football after reading this book.

I can only begin to describe how good this book is.  It’s almost like a complete history of the NFL, and after 384 pages of good reading, it feels like it’s just scratching the surface.

43 Super Bowls and counting.  Let’s hope today’s game is just as good as some of the ones before it.

5 out of 5 stars.

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