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Exercising Your Faith

February 6, 2010


The word we hear all over the place today.  Everyone telling you ‘just have more faith, and it’ll be OK’.  Or telling you that ‘you don’t have enough faith, that’s why you are going through what you’re going through’.  How can we, as young Christians (or old), wade through all that, and really “walk” out our faith?

The simple truth is exercise.  Doesn’t matter if it’s P90X or regular old cardio.  We gotta do it.  The same way we want our bodies to get stronger by hittin’ the gym or bringing out the treadmill, we need to do the same for building our  spiritual bodies, i.e. faith.

Here’s a couple of things you can do:

Read the Word on a STRICT schedule

Easy enough, I suppose.  But the key for me has been to read the Word at or near the same time(s) every day, like clockwork.  Just like you look forward to a meal, I look forward to hopping into a passage at a certain time.  I am getting a different “taste” of the Word every day, therefore my faith increases.

And I treat my readings  like muscle groups.  When you workout in the gym or at home, certain days you work out a different body part.  So I do the same with Scripture.  Tuesdays, maybe I read about healing.  Or on Thursdays I read about what’s directly facing me or my family.  Then I go at it.

Don’t forget to work the entire “Body”

We know we want to increase our faith walk, but we still have to make sure we don’t neglect the other parts of our walk as well.  So in addition to reading the Word on time everyday, I make sure I connect with other believers, make time for the wife, spend time with the kid, and/or any other thing to keep a normal pace in life.  We all are going through SOMETHING, but it helps to keep stuff in perspective and not neglect the regular things in life while we’re meditating hard on scripture, or making sure we’re staying “holy”.

I believe God will move in a balanced life.

Have a little patience to see gains

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying God can’t or will not move for His people suddenly.  Not at all.  He will.  What I am saying, though,  is not to get discouraged if nothing changes overnight.  Sometimes it’s  simply about our patience.  We should have patience to let God continue to increase our faith, especially when things look the bleakest.  Just as starting out an exercise routine, we can’t expect 10-inch biceps and a 6-pack the next day, or a 20 pound loss from our bellies by the weekend.  We need to trust that He will help us increase our faith gradually.

Those are just some of the things I believe can help you exercise your faith.  I’m definitely not the one to say I have all the answers, but this is helping me now, as I am going through with life’s everyday trials.  I pray it can do the same for you.

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