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Tim Tebow Ad is good for TV

February 4, 2010

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The Tim Tebow ad that will air on Sunday is good for TV.  Here’s why.

When I first heard of the controversy surrounding the ad, and then CBS’ later decision to ban another controversial ad, I thought, yeah, maybe a double standard.  As I began to think about this a bit more, it occurred to me that yes, this ad should run, and our ears might be better off from it.

Look, I’ma big enough sports fan as it is.  My favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, didn’t make it to this game as I so dearly hoped they would.  But I am just as a rowdy, in-your face, over-the-top, excessive fan as you can be, and all of my family and friends can attest to that.  Despite my shy nature otherwise.

As much as we think we have the right to act like “that type of fan” on Super Bowl Sunday, we also have the right to see and hear ads that inspire, even if the ad is taking a stance all of us won’t believe in.  Pam Tebow’s stance inspires me.  A gay dating service ad does NOT.

Football is my favorite sport.  The reason football is so inspiring is because we can all relate to the themes that a team goes through in a course of a game.  And it is an extremely physical and masculine sport.  Ads that detract from that masculinity are not going to go over well, I don’t care how on the “DL” a guy is.

And don’t forget about the family.  How many young boys will be watching the game for maybe the first time, and ask their dad what “this means” or “what that meant”?  Do I really need an introspective conversation with my 6 year-old about why two guys are kissing?  In the heat of a (probably) close game?

Yeah, right.

Anything that aims to inspire, promote good, celebrate competitiveness, and/or make you feel better while taking in the spectacle that is the Super Bowl is good for TV.  It is the biggest TV event of the year, why not celebrate the good?  And sadly this commercial, I predict, will be more remembered for the controversy than what you actually SAW and HEARD.

But it’s still good for TV.

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  1. February 4, 2010 5:11 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Great points about the Tebow ad. I’m just glad that all this attention means people will watch it and discuss it. I hope the message doesn’t get lost in the controversy. I know it won’t persuade the hard-core pro-abortion people but I do hope it plants some seeds for middle ground people.

  2. February 4, 2010 6:57 pm

    No problem Neil.

    Yeah, I hope people watch and discuss it as well. Good to have this type of issue back in the forefront, and why not? Everything else goes on Super Sunday.

    We’ll see. I pray that something comes good in all of this anyway.


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